PADI Speciality Courses

Be a support diver to those with mental or physical support needs.

Understand about what it takes to dive with certain disabilities to appreciate how to be a better buddy

Learn how to effectively plan an altitude dive. 

Found a cool lake in the mountains? Make sure you check out this course before you jump in!

Boat Diver


Powerboats or hardboats, we have different etiquette and exit / entry techniques. Learn them before you go on your trip away!

Learn more about the marine eco systems we have under the water and how it all works together.

Deep Diver


Dive to 40m, learn more about the effects on the human body at depth along with the correct techniques. 

Be more aware about the effects humans have on our underwater world and how we can champion looking after it the best we can!

Dive against debris is all about taking away the debris from our sites that humans have put there and how to log it!

Long surface swim? Huge wreck?

Don't use up all your energy getting to the wreck, let a DPV take the hard work out of it for you.

Conserve your air for longer and enjoy that site!

Drift Diver


Learn how to safety dive on a drift dive, and how best to plan

Want to dive all year round, or take up diving in the UK after only diving abroad? Stay warm and dry with this one!

Take better photos, learn about how the lighting can effect your shots and loads more!

An excellent addition to your rescue course! 

Learn when and how to administer emergency o2 in circumstances which require it!

Enriched Air


Multiple dives over multiple days?

Get certified to breathe nitrox instead of your normal air.

A must for anyone who really wants to look after their kit!

How to fix minor issues, to the best way to store it.

A great dry investment for your kit!

No more asking everyone else what fish you saw fin your dive trying to explain what it looked like.

Take the Fish ID course and take more on board of how to identify the species and subspecies of our marine life.

Keep your face warm and dry, comms can be added so you can also speak to your buddy underwater!

Extend your underwater time, learn how to properly plan and dive 2 and 3 level dives using tables and the eRDP.

What happens if your computer breaks? would you know how to best plan a dive using the above tools?

Night Diver


Diving in the night can be one of the most relaxing types of dives you can do.

But have you ever thought of the best ways to communicate to your shore cover, buddy or skipper on a boat?

Watch the dive sites you usually see by day, come to life again at night whilst learning all the night diving safety procedures. 

An essential course for anyone wanting to improve on their buoyancy.

We will tweak your weighting, cylinder position and get you to understand more about your buoyancy by the end of the day.

Be more aware about the effects humans have on our underwater world and how we can champion looking after it the best we can!

Ever lost kit before and not known where to start?

Be the hero in your dive group after a 3 dive day course, learning all about search patterns, how to use lift bags and make the chances of you finding your lost kit as high as they can be!



This course is beneficial to anyone looking to move towards technical or deeper diving, as well as those looking to reduce the strain on their back. 

Having 2 tanks, has loads of benefits, safety with tank redundancy, and more air to stay down for longer. 

Massively important bit of safety kit!

Make sure you are visible to boat traffic, shore cover and to let others know you're on your way to surfacing.

Dont get lost or miss your site!

Get to know your compass more, on land first followed by in the water.

Be the leader of the gang and be able to navigate your self around the site and back to the planned exit point with no effort

Wreck Diver


Wrecks make amazing dive sites! But all come with their own risks.

Take the wreck diver course and learn how to map out wreck sites and how to safety dive them.

Looking to increase the amount of air on your dive? Then twinset could be the way forward. Learn the skills to use 2 tanks during dives. Perfect for anyone looking to progress to technical diving.

How to make yourself completely self reliant under the water, what kit you need and the procedures to follow.

Made by the RNLI and ran by a serving RNLI volunteer. A fantastic addition to your rescue training!

Written by Course Director, Clare Dutton we take you through the differences between the 2 types of seals we get in the UK, and how best to interact with them.

This comes with 2 boat dives with our local colony of seals!