Looking at a new drysuit? Santi drysuits are renowned for their durability and comfy fit. That’s the reason why you will see Santi in all of our dive centres, and worn by our dive team. If you are looking to get your own, we feel that this should be an high quality and professional experience. Not just a simple try on or quick look at a photo. It is your suit, and made for you….. The Santi Experience.

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What is the santi experience?

Explore all 13 sizes of suit for the perfect fit.
Discuss Santi suits & options with a trained Santi dealer at our Santi show room.
Take the suit for a dive in the quarry for a the real experience… you would do it with a car, so why not your suit?
Collect your suit from our store. We will go through how to correctly wear, store & maintain your suit. As well as giving you the option to take the suit on a dive with one of our Santi dealers to assist with your buoyancy.

Requirements for the session

To book and participate in the dive, you must be a qualified diver.