Fourth Element Scout


The Fourth Element Scout mask has a single lens frame design and soft silicone skirt. Each mask has a comfortable head band made from recyclable materials. The mask can be purchased in Black or White with the below options. There are 3 lens options for this mask: Shield – UV protection and reduces glare. Suitable for tropical & warmer water diving. Yellow lens appearance. Clarity – A pure transparent lens, without any tint in the glass. Transparent lens appearance. Enhance – Filtering UV radiation, to protect the eye and enhance vision. Violet lens appearance. Contrast – Filters out some of the mid range wavelenghts of light and made for cold water diving. Green lens appearance. There are also 3 strap options for this mask: Blue, Black and White.

Mask colour (Fourth element)

Black, White

Strap colour (Fourth element)

Aqua, Black, Grey

Lens Colour

Clarity, Contrast, Enhance, Violet


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