Operation Tudwals

Operation Tudwals

What is it?

Operation Tudwals is a conservation project established by us in 2022. 

As our local dive site, we feel that it is only right to protect it. Whilst diving the area we have identified 3 key problem areas.

We aim to educate and act on all 3. Will you join us?

Mission 1

Have you seen beneath the waves around the Tudwals islands? 

The seabed is home to an array of marine life… that does not stop close to the rocks. 

Consider this when anchoring. If you have the facility on your boat to check the structure of the sea bed, try to find areas which are not rock or kelp…. even better, do you really need to anchor?

Help us to protect the marine life and reef and don’t drop your anchor unnecessarily.

Mission 2

Many of us head to the area to see the seals, and we think that is great. Just be mindful that it is their home and they do not like us too close. 

Please consider: 

– Not moving too close. If the seals are making noises or jumping in, you are likely the reason why.

– If safe to do so, turn off your engine. 

– Don’t stay for too long. Like us, they aren’t fans of being stared at… take a look and carry on.

Mission 3

If you are visiting the islands, you are likely there for a day trip… we hope you have fun! Just one request though…. the wrappers that you brought with you, please also take them home. 

Whilst diving we constantly find packaging, bottles, fishing line… and all is a risk to the marine life living here.

Help us to protect the area and dispose of litter responsibly.

Interested in our Project?

There are many ways in which you can assist us with the project. Including:

1) Joining our monthly beach clean 
Next date:  15th of Feb 2023
Meeting: Hafan Marina Dive Centre

2) Come to one of our talks and learn about the islands and marine life from our dive team.
Next talk: TBC
Location: Hafan Marina Dive Centre

3) Attend one of our Debris dives
Next date: 21st of March 2023
Meeting: Hafan Marina Dive Centre

If you would like to join our beach cleans, debris dives, or talks, please click below and contact us. We will be in touch.

Other conservation activities…

We support the 4 Ocean project with all of our courses. 

Every course booked pulls 1 pound of trash from the Ocean…. you do this, just by booking. 

Each time one of our scuba courses are booked, we purchase a 4 Ocean bracelet for you to keep… made entirely from ocean plastic. A token of your commitment to removing debris from the ocean as a diver, and our donation to ensure that the worldwide project continues.