PADI Emergency O2 Provider

Want to become a better dive buddy, or know that you have the techniques to assist during a dive related emergency. The vast majority of severe dive injuries are treated with oxygen, and with oxygen being classified as a medical drug, it is importnat to be qualified and undertance how it is used effectively. ​

During the course, we will teach you the following:
- What oxygen is used for, when and why

- How to set up varous oxygen kits
- The theory of dive related injuries

The course is theory based, and will involve a number of practical scenarios to allow you to learn and practise using oxygen. We have the added benefit that our instructors are either serving or ex serving emergency service workes, meaning that we can offer first hand experience and knowledge that may assist you in saving someones life. The course is £95.
To book, click below to pay the £25 deposit. You can then contact us to book in a date that is convinient for you.

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