PADI Enriched Air Course 

Take the PADI Enriched air course and utilise the beneftis of using Nitrox on your dive. If you are looking to stay at depth for longer, increase your dive time or reduce your surface interval, then nitrox is for you. 

During the course, we will teach you the following:
- The theory of Enriched air 
- How to plan your dives using Enriched air 
- The benefits of enriched air
- Hpw to use your dive computer with enriched air

The course is condcted in the classroom, where we will practically teach all of the above. 
The course cost is £185 and includes all course materials required for the course. 
To book, click below to pay the £95 deposit. You can then contact us to book in a date that is convinient for you.

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