Full Face Mask Course

Join the realms of full face mask diving and we are sure you will not look back. Full face masks provide extra warmth, greater vision and with so many attatchments to add to the mask, it can make your diving easier. 

During the course, we will teach you the following:
- How to wear the mask
- Mask maintenance
- Diffrent types of masks
- How to use the mask
- Emeregency procedures in the mask
- The benefits of using a full face mask

The course is condcted over 2 dives. We will first take you within our confied training area so that ou can get used to using the mask. We will then head in to the deeper parts of the quarry to practise the techniques learnt in deeper water. 
The course cost is £195 and includes all course materials, kit hire, entry fees to the dive site and tuition. 
To book, click below to pay the £95 deposit. You can then contact us to book in a date that is convinient for you.

Pay deposit & book
Not sure if the course is for you? Then why not try using a Full face mask first? We offer a Discover Full face mask diving session for just £65. This includes all equipment, a qualified instructor to show you the mask and site entry fees. Click below to pay for the session.
Pay deposit & book