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About Us

 Duttons divers are dedicated in providing first class PADI training courses at our  home Vivian Dive Centre. We are lucky to have our own on site quarry, and training cage. Meaning that we can conduct your training all in one place, at a pace that suits you. We offer a range of courses to meet your needs and get you into the water, whether it is to enjoy the beautiful british seas, or to get you ready to explore the carribean coast on your holiday we can help you get to where you need to be.

Vivian Dive Centre

We have the absolute pleasure of teaching at probably the most picturesque dive site in the UK! By having all of our own on-site facilities, including a classrooms, changing rooms, a purpose built training area and Quarry, we are able to offer any course to be taught all at the one location. We are also able to arrange accomodation at the bunk house or alternatively the b&b to save you the hassle of travel whilst you enjoy your training. 
Find out more about our beautiful dive quarry by clicking below!
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Meet the Team

  1. Clare Dutton
    Clare is the lead instructor and operator of Duttons Divers. She absolutely loves diving and is purely there to have a good time. Level: PADI MasterInstructor Favourite dive site: Varadero, Cuba. Why I love diving: There is no better feeling than seeing the look on someones face when they take their first breaths under the water, and that you helped them get there.
  2. William Tew
    Will is one of the main instructors at Duttons divers. He has lots of experience and with an Emergency Service background you can be sure to feel safe in the water! Level: PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor Favourite dive site: Farne Islands playing with seals! Why I love diving: To be updated
  3. Philip Bowden
    Phil is one of the most friendliest people you will meet. Known as Uncle Phil, he is always there to answer your questions and lend a helping hand. Level: PADI Divemaster Favourite dive site: Thailand
  4. Arthur Parkes
    Arthur is in the process of completing his Divemaster training, and we are so glad to have him on-board! Level: PADI Divemaster Why I love diving: I enjoy teaching people and helping them to achieve their dreams and being a Divemaster will enable me to do this. I love the social aspect of the sport, meeting new people from all over the world.
  5. Jean Dutton
    Jean is one of our safety divers, but most importantly our Skipper, taking us to all of our favorite off shore dive locations! Level: PADI Divemaster and Skipper Favourite dive site: Boonsung wreck, Thailand Why I love diving: I love the peaceful environment that being underwater brings, allowing you to get away from the every day rush.
  6. Neil Williams
    Neil is one of our Trainee Divemasters! He has numerous dives throughout the UK and is an expert in our Welsh waters, so we are sure that you will enjoy having him as your dive guide! Level: Trainee PADI Divemaster Favourite dive site: Vivian Dive Quarry!
  7. Neville Pearce
    Neville is one of our trainee Divemasters - you will probably find that Neil and Neville come as a pair, much like Phil and Will! Neville has lots of diving experience and is a fantastic member of our dive team! Level: Traniee PADI Divemaster Favourite dive site: Anywhere!!

 Our Dive Training Packages

Open Wa†er Diver

Learn the basic skills of diving  and begin to explore the underwater world as a PADI Open water diver.  Once qualified you will be able to dive anywhere in the world, with a dive buddy, down to a depth of 18 meters. With this package, the Drysuit speciality is also included.
£475/Per Person

4 pool lessons
2 days at an open water site
PADI Open water diver certificate
Dry suit certificate
10yrs +

Advanced Open Water Diver

Progress to the next level and increase your depth limit to 30 meters. On this course you will have the opportunity to explore new skills, including deep diving and  underwater navigation.
£295/Per Person
2 days at an open water site
1 x deep dive
1 x underwater navigatoin dive
3 x speciality dives of your choice (see the full speciality list)
Advanced open water certificate
12yrs +

Rescue Diver

During this course you will be taught, self rescue, dealing with panicked divers, how to surface an unconsiocus diver and how to then provide CPR until your patient is handed over to qualified emergency professionals. All of these skills we all hope to never use, but it can't hurt to be prepared for that unfortunate eventality. 
£295/Per Person
 Please note that the EFR Certification is a pre-requisite to this course
2 days at an open water site
Rescue diver certificate
12yrs +

Speciality courses

​Dry suit £185
Search and recovery £170
Under water navigation £175
Deep diver £190
Peak performance buoyancy £165
Wreck diver £180
Enriched air £180
Drift dive £180
Night dive £175
Dive Propulsion Vehicle £175
Digital underwater photography £185
Digital underwater videography £185
Project Aware £85
Aware Coral reef conservation £85
Emergency Oxygen provider £105
Boat diver £185

Basking Shark Awareness Diver

Discover Scuba Dive

Not yet sure if diving is for you,? All of our 'Try Dives' are pool based and give you the opportunity  to use the dive equipment and try dive skills, so that you can make an informed decision if to commit to the full Open Water Course. 
£45/Per Person

1 pool lesson
8yrs +
As the only PADI training school in the world to teach this - you won't want to miss out!
Come and learn about the UK's biggest marine fish. Learn about the biology of Basking Sharks, interesting facts, why they are endangered and what you can do to help! Even better though, we will teach you how to dive safely with the sharks and you will conduct 2 dives under our supervision! A percentage ofthis course goes to  the PADI Project AWARE to raise awareness of the dangers that our marine world face.
Please get in touch for details and to book your place on our next course.
Diving £185 per person
Snorkelling £99 per person
2 dives from our RHIB

Theory pack
Basking shark certificate
12yrs +

A full list of our Terms and Conditions can be found here, should you be unable to open the document, please contact us to ask for an alternate copy. By booking onto a trip, you agree that you have read and adhere to our Terms and Conditions:


We are fortunate to be able to teach our courses both in the UK and abroad. In the UK we  own our own Dive Quarry, Vivian, located in the heart of Snowdonia. We also have access to a number of different pools both in the Cheshire and Lancashire areas to conduct pool training; however if either are too far for you, don't worry, please get in touch and a more suitable location can be found nearby. 

We are currently at: 
Vivian Dive Centre - Mon - Sun 9am - 5pm
Winsford on Thursday evenings 8pm-10pm
Chester on Wednesday evenings 6pm - 8pm
Bacup on Saturday afternoons 1pm - 4pm

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Dive Training Gallery

Look at some of our greatest dive courses.
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  2. Managing Director
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Let's Explore The Ocean Together

Come and see what you are missing.

Dive Trips 2017 - 2019

Tobago November 2017

Maldives November 2018

Sudan March 2019

Description: If you are serious about diving, Tobago will be a must! This year we will be heading off to the beautiful Island of Tobago diving with Mantas, Sharks,  Rays, Turtles and much much more.

Dates: November 7th - 14th 2017
Flights from Gatiwick  and Transfers
7 Nights accomadation (Shared twin rooms)
10 boat dives

Price: £1525
​Deposit: £150

Manta, sharks, eagle rays and so much more on this classic Maldives itinerary on board our exclusive liveaboard Carpe Diem. After landing in Male you will be taken to the boat and the adventure begins. You have 7 nights on board on a full board basis (twin/double share cabin) - cabin upgrades available. Tea, coffee and drinking water are included in your package. Click here for more information: https://www.scubatravel.com/new/availability/tripdetails.php?&ref=34217

Dates: 2nd - 10th November 2018

7 night aboard Carpe Diem
Flights and Transfers
Up to 3 dives per day

Price: £2375
Description: Serious shark action in the deep south of Sudan on board the luxurious Voyager. Departing from Port Sudan, you will spend 7 nights on board on a full board basis (twin share cabin). 12lt tank, air fills and weights are included in your package. All trips are fully guided with 2 expert guides and depending on travel and weather. Click here for more information: https://www.scubatravel.com/new/availability/tripdetails.php?&ref=34216

Dates: 9th - 18th March 2019

7 nights on board MY Voyager
Flights and Transfers
Dive guide
Up to 3 dives per day

Price: £2250

Galapagos November 2019

Farne Islands October 2017

The main focus of the Galapagos Extreme itinerary is Wolf and Darwin, with up to 15 dives scheduled here. For many divers these two sites are why you dive the Galapagos. The schooling hammerheads are spectacular. Hook into the rocky reef and watch this sharks come in to be cleaned. This is up close and personal encounters. The area is packed with Galapagos and silky sharks too. Massive eagle and manta rays are seen over the winter and spring months, whilst the summer is best for gigantic whalesharks.

Click here for more information: https://www.scubatravel.com/new/availability/tripdetails.php?&ref=34106

Dates:  10th - 19th November 2019

7 nights on board Humboldt Explorer
Flights and Transfers
Up to 3 dives per day

Price: £6195
Description: We love it that much that we will be running 2 trips to Farne this year. Anyone from the UK must have this dive on their bucket list. The friendly, inquisitive seals will be sure to brighten your day.

Dates: 20th - 22nd October 2017
2 nights accomadation (shared, singles available on request, however will increase price)
4 boat dives
​Transport on request (request details)
Price: £235

A full list of our Terms and Conditions can be found here, should you be unable to open the document, please contact us to ask for an alternate copy. By booking onto a trip, you agree that you have read and adhere to our Terms and Conditions:

Dive Trip Photo Gallery 2016

  1. Managing Director
    One of the UK's best places to dive, offering reefs, wrecks and various marine creatures including large jelly fish, lobster, thornback rays and nudibranch, this trip had something for everyone.
  2. Managing Director
    Quite possibly the best UK dive site by far. With over 2000 seals on the Farne Islands, we were sure to bump into one. Their friendly inquisitive nature made the dive for all that came. We are looking forward to 2017 already.
  3. Managing Director
    A lovely country, with even more spectacular dive sites. Rays, napoleon fish, cuttlefish, puffer fish, lion fish, clown fish...you name it, and the reef had it! I don't think any of us had even seen so many varieties of fish in one location. In a single word...amazing.
Cornwall 2016
Farne Islands 2016
Thailand 2016
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